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Mindset Retreat 2024: Finding Kindness

Finding Kindness Mindset Retreat 2024 AT Exercising Well

Here at Exercising Well we go on a retreat every year in July. Because we have members worldwide, it's not feasible to meet in person. Instead, we do a mindset retreat. This year we are doing a Finding Kindness Mindset Retreat and you can join us for free!

A mindset retreat is spending time practicing a new mindset. Because mindsets are a blending of what you know in your inseparable body-brain-heart, this retreat is portable. You can do it in your daily life.

July is an ideal month to pause. In the middle of the summer, it's between the end of the busyness of the first half of the year and before the ramp-up toward the end of the year. It's also midway between our New Year's resolutions, goals, or intentions. This gives you a chance to pause, reflect, and redirect as needed.

This is a retreat you can do even if July is a busy month for you. Going on retreat is great, but not always easy to get away and the feeling of calm often fades quickly. Infusing your daily life with moments of embodying calm, confidence, and connection strengthens your skills to Be Well Now through the changing seasons, celebrations, and stressors of life.

This year we will be Finding Kindness. We do this in two daily steps.

Step 1: Find Kindness Inside. Because Kindness starts inside, each day notice one thing you are grateful for about your body, your inner strengths or skills. Writing it down makes this a whole-person knowing, rather than just a brain-based thought. This opens you to see kindness around you with greater ease.

Step 2: Find Kindness around you. As you go through your daily life be on the lookout for kindness. It could be something someone said, did, or in nature. Writing this down and/or posting it on social media with hashtag #FindingKindnesstoBeWellNow spreads kindness to moments of someone else's day too.

Each day I'll post on social media where I am Finding Kindness to Be Well Now. To join me on Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram. Sign up for the Exercising Well email list to get a weekly summary of the retreat and prompts for the following week.

See you on retreat starting July 1st, 2024!

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