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Give your clients exercise know-how

What if your clients followed your advice to exercise or move more?


If you had a clinical exercise physiologist and health coach right in your practice it would give your clients the skills they need and you would save time and energy.

Now you can give all your clients, even the ones limited by pain, finances, motivation, or stress,  the know-how to follow your advice with confidence! 

The Exercising Well advantage

With an Exercising Well professional membership, you simply give your clients the personalized card we provide for you.  They follow the link and get unlimited access to an easy-to-use evidence-based digital health online portal.  You rest easy knowing they are learning HOW to follow your advice to exercise well with:

  • Start Well™ step-by-step online programs designed to gradually build life-long skills for exercising the right way for their body right now

  • Evidence-based skills for adjusting so they eliminate the barriers of pain, stress, time, and motivation 

  • A growing library of "well-outs", exercise videos that bring their well-being out

  • Skills for exercise self-efficacy so maintaining exercise habits is less work for your clients and for you!

  • Support from a Clinical Exercise Physiologist for Exercising Well with a wide variety of medical conditions


Your clients get more from every minute they move

Enjoying Sunset

Mobility that

cures chronic stress and reduces inflammation

More than just learning how to do stretching and balance exercises, your clients develop a habit for taking Mindful Mobility Moments so this type of exercise clears the stress state and reduces the effects of physical inactivity and stress 

Woman with Paddle

Strength that

reduces pain and slows aging

More than just lifting weights, your clients build a Whole-life Strength habit with exercises that restore confidence they can move with less or no pain in daily life so they age with greater muscle mass, bone strength and confidence

Walking the Dog

Stamina that

supports intrinsic motivation

More than just doing cardio, your clients grow the habit of Whole-person Stamina, which is doing cardiovascular exercise mindfully rather than mindlessly, strengthening their intrinsic motivation skills for all health habits

Exercising Well
Professional Memberships

Your clients learn HOW to exercise well with unlimited access to the Exercising Well online programs on their desktops or the Exercising Well app and direct messaging with Janet

Under 200 clients

200 to 1000 clients

Over 1000 clients

The whole-person benefits for your clients 

Physical Wellbeing

The Start Well programs for mobility strength and stamina ensure your clients are developing exercise habits that are built to last.  As they learn to mindfully listen to their body and exercise in a pain-free/reducing range, they strengthen their foundation of moving in daily life with greater ease.  

Emotional Well-being

Through the integration of mindfulness and self-compassion with movement science, clients learn how to transform exercise from a task to a user-friendly resource for whole-person self-care. They learn from day on how to move to reduce emotional stress so they can use their tools for improving and sustaining better mental health. 

Financial Well-being

Most exercise programs are designed to keep your clients needing someone to tell them what to do and keep you motivated. Exercising Well is where they LEARN how to exercise the right way for their whole person right now.   The programs are designed for them to grow skills to be self-guided and self-motivated, saving them money and time by knowing what exercises and equipment is right for them. 

Relational Well-being

When your clients are limited physically, you likely see the downstream strains on their quality of life.  This side effect of health issues is no small matter.  This functional approach to exercise shows them how to identify what they want to be able to do and how to design their exercise plan so they can restore the mobility, strength, and stamina to do more of what they love with those they love. 

Let's connect!

Every day on Linked In I post tips for talking to clients about exercise in a way that reduces stress, and pain and boosts intrinsic motivation.  This mindset shift sets a foundation of behavior change skills to eat healthy and manage stress too. 

Looking for an engaging speaker?

Add a dynamic and unique exercise presentation to your next conference.  I provide engaging interactive presentations that build evidence-based skills for more effective and efficient exercise conversations with clients.  

Janet Huehls
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