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Transform exercise from a stressful “should” to self-care with the Start Well Program. 

The six-month individual remote coaching program that gives you whole-person skills that last a lifetime. 

If your ability to exercise regularly is limited by pain, fatigue, time, motivation, or a medical concern that impacts your ability to exercise safely, even the thought of exercising can be stress-producing.


When you start exercising in a stressful state, it is less likely to improve your health or last as a habit.

Unlike other exercise programs where you need to continue to pay to be told what to do and be motivated to do it, Start Well is the six-month program that gives you the skills to know how to exercise the right way for you, without pain, fatigue, or worry about injury and be self-motivated to continue on your own.

Year-round habits with life-long skils

By using the whole-person, science-based Be Well Now Method™ you build a strong foundation of confidence in your self-motivation and mindful movement skills for using exercise as a resource to be well through the changing seasons, stressors, and celebrations in your life.  Combined with personalized information about how to use exercise as medicine for your physical or mental health concerns, this method provides the most individualized approach to making exercise a lifelong habit with carryover skills for all your health habits. 

Fun at the Beach

Personalized Professional Support

Over eight telehealth coaching sessions, and with access to the resources in the online library, you learn a complete, balanced, and time-effective way to develop the skills of mobility, strength, and stamina that restore calm, confidence, and connection to your inner well-being. With each step of the program, you learn how to listen to your body and adjust how you move so it improves how you feel and function in daily life.

Save time and money

For less than the cost of a typical personal training session, you gain lifelong skills and develop flexible habits for a complete, balanced way of exercising for greater whole-person health with more mobility, strength, and stamina in just 5-30 minutes a day without pushing through pain and soreness, exhaustion, or feeling overwhelmed. Together we develop a written personalized year-round Exercising Well plan you use going forward for transforming barriers into guides for continuing to exercise on your own.  

Flying Drone on the Beach

Grow Strong and Well

Sessions are typically scheduled weekly for the first month, and then the time between sessions is gradually increased for the remaining five months. However, this plan is flexible and adjusted based on personal preferences and progress. These sessions are combined with the online learning platform with step-by-step programs, a private chat room with Janet, and a group chat with other members to provide support for your skill-building success.  

First month

  • Initial remote coaching session (45-60min) to clarify your Why and create a your plan

  • Weekly remote coaching sessions (30-45 minutes) the remainder of the month

  • Guidance with personalizing how you use the online libarary to grow your skills between sessions

Months 2-5

  • Monthly coaching sessions that strengthen your skills for self-coaching between sessions

  • Online library for continuing to learn and exericse well between sessions

  • Support with direct messaging with me, and group chats with other members

Last month

  • Wrap up session to review your progress and update your plan to move on with confidence

  • Review your Year-Round Exercising Well Plan to stay well through seasons, stressors ang celebations 

  • Options for continuing with personalized Stay Well packages

Experience the Difference of Starting Welll

A whole new way to experience exercising

Physical Wellbeing

Start Well is where you learn how to move your body with less strain and more strength, mobility, and stamina.  Exercising well slows the aging process and reduces pain from day one!  As you build muscle memory, you no longer need someone to tell you how to move, your body knows and takes that confidence into your daily life.  

Financial Well-being

Most exercise programs are set up to keep you needing someone to tell you what to do and keep you motivated. This makes exercising unsustainable financially and otherwise.  Start Well is where you LEARN what to do and skills for self-motivation.  The six-month investment saves you countless dollars for life. 

Emotional Well-being

With Start Well you learn how to use exercise to support your emotional well-being when you need it most - when you are stressed!  The hard start is why exercise is the first thing to go when life gets stressful.  The whole-person approach transforms exercise into a user-friendly resource for whole-person self-care that supports your emotional well-being.

Relational Well-being

When your body is limited, so are the things you can do with those you love.  Your initial assessment we identify what you want to be able to do, and keep doing as you age.  Each session we curate your plan to ensure what you are doing is growing your whole-person skills to reconnect and enjoy.  

What is Clinical Exercise Health Coaching?

With Exercising Well, you get more than a health coach, you get three professionals in one! As a clinical exercise physiologist, I guide you through exercising to safely prevent or treat your health concerns.  As a certified health coach, our conversations unleash your natural intrinsic motivation to create the three Exercising Well habits that support your whole-person health.  As a mindfulness teacher,  I show you how to grow habits with calm and confidence each step of the way.

Get more from every minute you move Exercising well gives you the whole-person benefits of mobility, strength, stamina, confidence, calm, and connection.

When you move more you improve your health, but you don't get the specific skills needed to feel and function better in your whole person for your whole life.  Start Well teaches you how to get the most from every minute you move so you get more than better health, you get whole-person health! 

Aging well

Mobility + Calm

Start your Mindful Mobility habit so you move through daily life with greater calm and ease

  • Learn how to stretch without pain and strain

  • Reduce fear of injury from a fallinflammation and stiffness 

  • Cure chronic stress with mindful movement

Strength + Confidence

Start a strength exercise habit that restores confidence in your body and mind

  • Strength exercises you can do your whole life because they are based on movements of daily life, (not athletics, bodybuilding, or the fitness culture)

  • Enjoy greater strength without soreness (ever!) 

  • Reduce arthritis pain and injury risk and gain confidence in your bones, muscles, and metabolism

Stay strong stay well as you age
exercise to do what you love with those you love

Stamina + Connection

Start (or transform) your cardiovascular exericse habit into a time-efficient way to recharge your whole-person energy in a sustainable way

  • Learn how to do cardio without wasting time or pushing through pain 

  • Gain confidence in your health and disease prevention 

  • Have more energy to stay do the things you love with the people you love

Ready to Feel and Function Better?

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