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Is pain, stress, or motivation limiting your ability to exercise for your health?

Start Well. Stay Well.

Exercise that heals your whole person

Each part of you is designed to thrive. Pain, stress, and low motivation are symptoms of the way common messages about exercise block this built-in system.    have good news! The solution is simple.


Welcome to a whole new way to exercise to simplify whole-person health.

In the video below I explain how three decades of working in medical clinics have revealed the problems caused by misinformation about exercise and the simple, science-based solution.  

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Chronic pain, a recent injury or a medical issue keep me worried about exercising safely 



Lack of time, stressful events, or anxiety keep getting in the way of doing what I know I should.



Weight gain, depression, or just feeling 'lazy' keep me from starting and sticking with it.

Janet imparts the reasoning behind the strategy and method of exercise to ensure you improve your body and brain simultaneously.  Knowing why it works and why gimmicks and the latest “fad” exercises might not work, contributes to healthy motivation and habit formation.  It’s not difficult, it makes sense and it helps you stay healthy and age well. 


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Hi I'm Janet Huehls

Founder of Exercising Well

The focus of my career has been to use exercise as medicine for people with heart disease, diabetes, depression, obesity, and other medical issues.  The most common barriers come down to the pain and fatigue associated with illness.  But the answers are not one size fits all. 


I’ve found that by combining science-based movement and motivation skills with mindful self-compassion are key ingredients that allow you to meet yourself where you are and rebuild a solid foundation of confidence in not only your body but your whole person.


As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and certified health coach, I have refined this method over the past thirty years to help thousands of people challenged by pain, weight gain, aging, fatigue, depression, and anxiety and witnessed how it restored their ability to enjoy life.  I look forward to hearing your story and exploring how this unique method can help you spiral up!

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