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Move beyond pain, stress, and low motivation

Thrive by exercising as you are designed

You are Designed to Thrive

Your body is designed to move with ease.  Your brain is designed to be motivated to be healthy.   You thrive when they work together. 

Pain, stress, and low motivation are the symptoms of our current mindsets about exercise, even if you are not exercising!  Messages about pushing through pain, more is better, and needing someone to keep you motivated disconnects your brain and body.  

Exercising Well is the simple, science-based solution.  Developed over three decades of working with thousands of people in medical clinics, this step-by-step online program and coaching method reduces pain, cures chronic stress, and restores self-motivation. 

Choose your personalized solution

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Chronic pain, a recent injury or a medical issue keep me worried about exercising safely 



Lack of time, stressful events, or anxiety keep getting in the way of doing what I know I should.



Weight gain, depression, or just feeling 'lazy' keep me from starting and sticking with it.

Janet imparts the reasoning behind the strategy and method of exercise to ensure you improve your body and brain simultaneously.  Knowing why it works and why gimmicks and the latest “fad” exercises might not work, contributes to healthy motivation and habit formation.  It’s not difficult, it makes sense and it helps you stay healthy and age well. 


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Hi I'm Janet Huehls

Founder of Exercising Well

For over three decades I have worked in medical clinics that use exercise as medicine for people with heart disease, diabetes, depression, obesity, and other medical issues.  I found the struggle with exercising, even to be healthy is worsened by misguided media messages and a one-size-fits-all approach.


The struggle for my patients and clients was solved by a synergy of sciences; movement, motivation, and mindfulness. This became the Be Well Now Method. I created Exercising Well as a solution to the struggle with exercising to be whole person healthy.  


As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and certified health coach, I have helped thousands of people challenged by pain, weight gain, aging, fatigue, depression, and anxiety and witnessed how it restored their ability to enjoy life.  I look forward to hearing your story and exploring how this unique method so you thrive as designed.

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