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Yes, you can

Thrive as Designed

even when limited by pain, stress, or motivation

Enjoy whole-person health with science-based exercise to move beyond barriers

Your body is designed to move with strength, not strain.  Your brain and spirit are designed to keep you motivated to be healthy.  You thrive when your whole person works as together designed.

Messages about pushing through pain, more is better, and needing someone to keep you motivated are causing the barriers of pain, stress, time, fatigue, and low motivation, even if you are not exercising! They weaken the ability of your brain-body-spirit to work together.

Exercising Well is a personalized approach for whole-person health.  Developed over three decades of working with thousands of people in medical clinics, using mindful, kind, science-based movement to restore the ability of your brain-body-spirit to work together again.   


The step-by-step online program and coaching method eliminate the barriers of pain, stress, and motivation, restoring confidence in your whole-person ability to thrive as designed.

Exercising Well is an online coaching program. Through a refreshing mindful, kind, science-based approach to exercising, you restore a healthy connection between your body, brain, and spirit, eliminating barriers of pain, weight, stress, and motivation

Whole Person Health | Exercising Well

Eliminate Your Exercise Barriers

Click below to see how to transform your barriers into guides for thriving


I am limited by chronic pain, or fear of injury. I want confidence I can move without pain, worry less about falling and exercise the right way without straining my body.


I do not have time to exercise or when I do something always gets in the way.  I want exercise to lower my stress levels and be able to stick with when life gets busy or stressful. 


I have ways I could exercise, and sometimes I do, but I struggle with getting and staying motivated. I want to be self-motivated so I don't always need to pay someone to make me do what I know I should. 

This program is made to go with the ups and downs of life.

In past programs, I’d feel like I was failing when life got in the way. With Exercising Well the structure and support allow me to adjust when life happens.

I am confident I will continue to exercise and feel well as I go into a busy time of year.


Exercising Well Member

Janet Huehls | Clinical Exercise Physiologist | Exercising Well

Hi I'm Janet Huehls

Founder of Exercising Well

For over three decades I have worked in medical clinics that use exercise as medicine for people with heart disease, diabetes, depression, obesity, and other medical issues. No matter how much my patients knew exercise was important for their health, pain, stress, and motivation constantly got in the way.   


So I expanded my training to include motivation and mindfulness along with movement science.  This synergy of sciences solved the struggles and freed my patients and clients to enjoy exercising and the health that came with it.   I created Exercising Well to share this 'radical' approach to whole-person health and habits and solve the struggles with exercising.  


As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, certified health coach, and mindful movement teacher, I have helped thousands of people challenged by pain, weight gain, aging, fatigue, depression, and anxiety and witnessed how it restored their ability to enjoy life.  I look forward to hearing your story and exploring how this unique method so you thrive as designed.

What is Whole Person Health | Exercising Well


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