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Do what you love with those you love

Learn how to move well and be self-motivated in just six months with no long-term costs.  Enjoy lifelong skills for having the mobility, strength, and stamina you need to do more of what you love with greater ease, confidence, and sustainability. 

Take the stress out of exercising

When you are limited by pain, time, energy, or motivation your whole life is affected. Just the thought of exercise is stressful!  

Using my evidence-based Be Well Now Method™ in regular remote coaching sessions and an easy-to-use online library, I personally guide you to restore the confidence to move and motivate yourself well.

Exercising Well is the only program created by a clinical exercise physiologist, certified health coach, and mindful movement teacher designed to teach you how to exercise and be self-motivated without ongoing costs or commitment.   

Learn how to use exercise to reduce stress not add to it, using this flexible, time-effective method, right in your own home, without pain, fatigue, or soreness from day one! 

I want to feel better so I can...

You know exercising, eating healthy, and managing stress would help you feel and function better, but your body or your life keeps getting in the way.  This is a whole-person problem that needs a whole-person solution.  End the struggle with a mindful, science-based approach to healing your body, self-talk, and motivation.  

Start Well Program

Cure Chronic Stress

Clear the ready-to-move tension of the stress state and return to the well state any time of day

Feel better and connect with all you love

Slow Aging

Restore and keep the mobility, strenght and stamina you need to do what you enjoy with the people you love

Calm stress by exercising well

Healthy Weight

Whole-person exercise treats the root of emotional eating, while restoring the ability to move well at any weight

This program is made to go with the ups and downs of life.

In past programs, I’d feel like I was failing when life got in the way. With Exercising Well the structure and support allow me to adjust when life happens.

I am confident I will continue to exercise and feel well as I go into a busy time of year.


Exercising Well Member

The Healing Power of Exercising Well

Click the links below to learn more about how to use a whole-person approach with the following health conditions





Autoimmune disease

Balance issues


Cardiovascular disesae

Chronic pain

Chronic stress




Diastases Recti



Heart Disease

Heart Failure



Kidney disease

Knee pain

Low back pain


Multiple Sclerosis



Peripheral Vascular Disease

Plantar faciitis



Restless Leg Syndrome

Rheumatoid arthritis

Sleep issues

Spinal cord injury


Urinary incontenance

Weight loss

Hi I'm Janet Huehls

Founder of Exercising Well

Like you, I want to be well. My professional and personal journey with exercising for well-being is what created Exercising Well.  Click below to learn more

Eliminate Your Exercise Barriers

Yes! eliminate barriers! Click below to see how to transform your barriers into guides for thriving


I am limited by chronic pain, or fear of injury. I want confidence I can move without pain, worry less about falling and exercise the right way without straining my body.


I do not have time to exercise or when I do something always gets in the way.  I want exercise to lower my stress levels and be able to stick with when life gets busy or stressful. 


I have ways I could exercise, and sometimes I do, but I struggle with getting and staying motivated. I want to be self-motivated so I don't always need to pay someone to make me do what I know I should. 
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