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Blue Waters

Whole-person solution to pain

Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or worried about recurring pain, how you move matters.  Our struggles with pain stem from the misunderstanding of the term 'no pain no gain'.  Reset your mindset and experience the freedom of Exercising Well to reduce or eliminate pain.  

Exercisng Well with Pain Guide

Experience exercise that reduces pain

The free 7-day Be Well Now Foundations program takes step by step through experiencing exercise as a way to feel and function better from day one!

Mindful Movement Meditaiton When in pain

This mindful movement meditation helps to heal the body-brain disconnection that pain scientists know is a root cause of chronic pain. 

Life Hacks to Reduce Knee Pain

In this video, I give you tips for reducing the strain on your knees in movements of daily life.  Move on with your day with greater confidence.

Keep Spine Pain from Coming Back

This video empowers you to reduce pain in your lower back, middle back, or neck by doing the three often-overlooked simple things that reduce strain in these areas. 

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