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The whole-person solution to pain

Our struggles with believing we can exercise stem from the misinformation about pain.   The term 'no pain no gain' and the idea that more is better keeps us stuck between knowing we should exercise but not wanting to make pain worse or get injured doing it.    


Reset your mindset and experience the freedom of Exercising Well to raise confidence that you CAN exercise to lower pain and prevent injury. Know that you don't have to push through pain, and can feel better from day one.  

"This gives me hope!"
Exercising Well Member

Experience whole-person exercise eliminates the barrier of pain

Start your free trial today and experience exercise as a way to feel and function better from day one!

Mindful Movement Meditaiton When in pain

This mindful movement meditation helps to heal the body-brain disconnection that pain scientists know is a root cause of chronic pain. 

Life Hacks to Reduce Knee Pain

In this video, I give you tips for reducing the strain on your knees in movements of daily life.  Move on with your day with greater confidence.

Keep Spine Pain from Coming Back

This video empowers you to reduce pain in your lower back, middle back, or neck by doing the three often-overlooked simple things that reduce strain in these areas. 

Your complete stress solution

Brain-based stress solutions do not address the root cause of the stress state. Your body is ready to move. Your complete solution is easier than you think! 

Get more from your 24/7 with the time-effective way to exercise 

Time-efficient exercise is not always time effective.  In this video, I explain how to get more from each minute you invest in moving to be healthy and well. 

Emotional agility with a whole-person approach

Emotions are thoughts held in your body.  Without movement, emotions build up.  In this video I explain why movement science is a key part of your complete solution to stress.  

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