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Let's Start Well!

With a Strong Foundation for All Health Habits

Choose professional coaching with Janet or self-coaching.

Professional coaching has limited spots and enrollment is open three times a year. 

September 1st - October 1st |December 15th - January 2nd | March 1st - 15th

Start self-coaching any time of year and self-pace through the online program.

  • Professional Coaching

    Every month
    Just six monthly payments for skills that last a lifetime
    Valid for 6 months
    • Enrollment limited: Open now until July 1st, 2024
    • Eight telehealth clinical exercise coaching sessions
    • Six months of access to the online library and app
    • Your personalized year-round Exercising Well plan
    • Instant messaging with Janet
    • Lifetime access to the Well-friends group chat
    • The Start Well Ebook
  • Self-Coaching

    Every month
    Self-guided coaching + all online programs
    • Join any time of year
    • All online Exercising Well programs
    • Instant messaging with Janet
    • Lifetime access to The Daily Well-friends group chat
    • The Start Well ebook

What you get with Start Well Professional Coaching Package

This individualized program addresses your concerns so you build confidence, even when limited by a health concern.  It includes everything you need to Start Well, with a strong foundation to feel better from day one.


We begin with weekly coaching the first month but you don't pay more upfront.  Through coaching sessions, the easy-to-use online library, and support resources you gradually grow your self-coaching and Exercising Well skills. 


When your package is complete, move on with confidence.  No long-term dependence or ongoing costs to stick with it!   If you choose to continue, we will design a  Stay Well Package that works for you. 

Online Health Coaching at Exercising Well

Remote Coaching

Get the most coaching when you need it most - right at the start!

  • First month: Weekly

  • Second month: Bi-weekly

  • Remaining months based on your progress

Stay. Strong as you age

Online Library

Growing library of online programs on app or desktop

  • The Start Well Programs™

  • Mobility, strength, stamina, yoga videos and audios

  • When in pain, stressed or not motivated

Support group at exercising well

Support Resources

​Individual and group 

  • Message me privately

  • Member-only group chat with daily inspirational messages

  • Downloadable templates and e-books

Bridge over River
Janet imparts the reasoning behind the strategy and  method of exercise to ensure you improve your body  and brain simultaneously. Knowing why it works and why gimmicks and latest “fad” exercises might not work, contributes to a healthy motivation and habit formation.


Not sure now is the right time?

There will never be a perfect time to start but Exercising Well is the program that reduces stress and pain, rather than adding to it!   You get to feel and function better now with confidence you know how to do it on your own when the next stressor comes along!  If you have questions let's chat! 

Are you a Health Care Professional?

Give your clients the Start Well advantage

Wouldn't it be great to have a clinical exercise physiologist and health coach right in your practice? To feel confident your clients are getting evidence-based advice that translates into lasting exercise habits? 


Now you can, with an Exercising Well professional membership

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