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When You Start Well, You Stay Well.

A simply sustainable path

The phases of lasting changes

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Exercising Well is so much more than an exercise program.  It's the science-based way to sustainable whole-person health through changes in your body, stressors, and seasons.

The step-by-step system is modeled by the way everything thrives in nature - gradually!


This just-right-level approach naturally grows your inner confidence in your self-motivation and ability to move to thrive.

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Strong roots for sustainable thriving

The Foundations phase is what makes Exercising Well unique because you start with embodied confidence you know how to rest well to restore energy, reduce pain by moving well, and keep yourself motivated. 


Grow strong  habits that nourish your whole person

Step-by-step, you build on your strong foundation, growing the three habits that support whole-person health, enjoying greater calm, confidence, and enjoyment of what matters most to you in life.

1. Calm with daily mindful mobility moments

2. Energized with whole-person stamina practice

3. Confident with real-life strength moves

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Stay Well 

Sustaining thriving through changing seasons and stressors

Learn how to adapt your Well-habits to stay whole-person healthy even through the changing seasons and stressors of life.  

  • Stay motivated when life gets busy

  • Stay calm when life gets stressful

  • Stay well when experiencing pain or illness

The most comprehensive online whole-person exercise program organized into a simple stress-free program

Nowhere else will you find all of these benefits and resources in one place.  The science-based simplicity and personalized expertise of Exercising Well means you no longer have to search for the right exercise or level or modification for you.  Its all here in one step-by-step format, ready for you to Be Well Now


Professional guidance

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Move as Medicine

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Strength for life

Play in the forest

Balance with confidence

Posing at Archaeological Site

Levels for Every Body

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Mindfulness skills


Stretching made simple

Phase 1 (3).png

Yoga for every body


Self-motivation Skills




Stamina for energy

Phone on Desk

Community support

"A radically different approach to exercise"

Jan A.

Exercising Well Membership

Choose self-coaching or professional coaching. 
Change membership at any time

  • Start Here. Start Strong.

    Weekly Coaching

    Every month
    Professional coaching + all online programs
     7 day free trial
    • Weekly coaching sessions
    • All online programs
    • Messaging with Janet
    • The Daily Well online chat
  • Monthly Coaching

    Every month
    One session per month + Online programs
     7 day free trial
    • One coaching session per month
    • All online programs
    • Messaging with Janet
    • The Daily Well online chat
  • Self-Coaching

    Every month
    Self-guided coaching + all online programs
     7 day free trial
    • All online programs
    • Messaging with Janet
    • The Daily Well online chat

Pay-it Forward Coupon Codes

Everyone deserves whole-person health every day of the year.


With the Exercising Well Pay-it Forward Policy, if membership is out of reach right now, use the pay-it-forward discount codes for 20-40% off any membership. 


No questions. No stress. No pressure.  

All I ask is you pay it forward in acts of kindness.


This works on the honor system.  Use the coupon codes below based on what brings the program into your affordable range for you.  Simply use the code when checking out and use the energy you get from Exercising Well to pay the kindness forward. 

20% off use code 20WELL

30% off use code 30WELL

40% off use code 40WELL

Poppy Field

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