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Clinical Exercise Coaching

Three uniqe health professionals in one

Make exercise a habit for your whole-person health

Clinical exercise physiologists (CEP) are uniquely trained in using exercise as medicine. There are very few CEPs in the world, and most are not trained in motivational science-based coaching skills for building internal motivation. 


Health coaching is known to improve your ability to make lasting changes. This is a growing field, yet most health coaches are not specifically trained in providing movement science-based exercise recommendations.

With Clinical Exercise Coaching, you get the specific information and personalized guidance you need to make exercise a healthy and lasting habit for whole-person health.  Plus, you build your skill of mindfulness so your whole person benefits from the way you move and the way you motivate yourself.

Health Coach

Certified by Wellcoaches

As a certified health coach, I apply the science of motivation and positive psychology in a coaching conversation.   Whereas health care focuses on what is wrong with you, health coaching focuses on what is right with you! This refreshingly different conversation develops internal motivation and skills for lasting positive changes. 

Child Counselor
Yoga Class

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine

As a CEP, I am a unique health professional who understands the physiology of both exercise and health conditions.  This puts me in a position to guide you to use exercise as medicine to optimize any treatment for your health concerns

Mindful Movement Teacher

Certified by Aura Wellness

As a mindful movement teacher, I use mindfulness to add "you science" to our coaching conversations and in the online programs.  The result is greater confidence in listening to and learning from your body so exercise can restore wellbeing now and optimize your future health too.  

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