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Feel Better Function Better from Day One of Health Habits

Feel better function better with Janet Huehls and Dr. Jan Anderson

You are told to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and manage stress to be healthy. But why do we struggle to do these Big Three on a regular basis? Why does life get in the way so easily?

Because your brain and body are hardwired to feel and function better now. When life gets stressful, and doing The Big Three is stress-producing, painful, exhausting, time-consuming, or just not fun, your brain and body will resist doing what you know you should.

In our latest video, Dr. Jan Anderson and I provide a simple science-based solution. Learn how to feel better and function better while eating healthy, exercising regularly and managing stress. Get ready to be relieved, surprised, and motivated with simple mindset shifts based on the synergy of brain and body movement science, coupled with motivation research.

I met Dr. Jan Anderson on Linkedin in 2020 and quickly recognized we had a synergetic approach to evidenced-based habit change. We enjoy sharing lively and insightful conversations about how to take the stress out of habit change! Click here to watch all of our episodes.

Learn more about how to take the stress out of exercising without pain, soreness, wasted time, stress or ongoing costs to know what to do an stay motivated with The Start Well program.

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