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Not motivated to exercise? How to get past knowing what to do for your health but not doing it

why you are not motivated to exercise, eat healthy and manage stress

Why you are not motivated to exercise and other health habits

This quote hit me like a bolt of lightning. In just a few words it sums up why I am so passionate about creating a new mindset about exercise. It explains why we are not motivated to exercise and do other health habits despite overwhelming reasons to "just do it"

We all know what to do, but most people struggle with doing "the Big Three" Consistently. I believe our struggle with exercising regularly, eating healthy, and managing stress stems from the knowledge we hold in our bodies.

That body mindset is shaped by what you think about exercise, whether you do it or not! As Alia Crum and others have shown in their research #mindset is powerful enough to change #biomarkers for health.

The messages about having to "fix problems" in your body through exercise, whether that is an "ab blaster" class, a "boot camp" weight loss class, or in #physicaltherapy create body knowledge that your body is a problem that you need to fight to fix to win your health back.

This starkly contrasts the research about #mindfulness and #selfcompassion being foundational for #habitchange. In one message you are told to ignore your body's pain and fatigue to get to a better state. On the other hand you are told to be present, kind, and listen to your body. The knowledge gap between your brain and body grows wider, and The Big Three healthy habits fall between the cracks.

Even if you don't exercise, you are affected by your exercise history and the messages in the media about the benefits of and how to move your body to achieve better health and well-being and achieve a more socially acceptable look.

Through my Be Well Now Method™ I guide clients and now listeners of my new #podcast to create a mindset about your body that ends the battle between your #brain and #body and restores wholeness and paves the way to ease with health habits.

As this wise quote reminds us, you can do all the brain-based approaches to #lifestylemedicine and healthy #habitchange you want, you can know what to do for exercise and pay someone to make you do it, but until you know in your body, through movement that leaves your body feeling confident and calm, these brain methods will constantly be undermined by mismatched messages about exercise.

Strengthen your foundation of whole-person knowing with a whole new way to think about and approach exercise. Build immunity to the messages and clear the old tapes held in your body.

Stay tuned for the next episode of The Be Well Now Method podcast which will provide the steps for exercising in a way that heals the relationship with your body. In alignment with this proverb, we do more than talk about how to do this, you experience it with a Be Well Now Mindful Science-based Movement meditation. Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

Experience the difference of this whole-person approach to exercise for yourself with the 6-month Start Well program.

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