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Take the struggle out of self kindness

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Be Kind Inside and Thrive Take the struggle out of self kindness

Being kind inside to your whole person heals the relationship between the parts of internal wellbeing

The Science-based Power of Self-compassion and Self-kindness

Self-compassion is one of the foundational evidence-based mindsets for being healthy and self-motivated. Self-criticism changes the state of your whole person, limiting the body's ability to heal and the brain's ability to respond rather than react to stressors. Self-kindness calms the nervous system and starts the shift to being well.

Mindset changes your whole person

Mindset has been shown to be a powerful influence on health and habits. The power of mindset to change the body is explained by the fact that your mind is not your brain. Your mind is the interconnection of each part of your whole person. Mindset then is not what you think, but what your whole person knows.

The body carries ¾ of your internal well-being (physical, emotional, and spiritual). Thus, how you think about and treat your body changes your mindset and your ability to use self-compassion to be healthy.

Separation of brain, body and spirit

Cultural messages and typical approaches to exercise such as just do it, and no pain no gain create a mindset that the body is something to overcome, ignore or fix, separating the brain and body. Whether one exercises or just sees messages about pushing through pain and fatigue to be healthy, it creates a disconnection between disconnection the brain and body, and spirit.

This mindset of separation deteriorates the ability to use self-compassion and change mindsets to support whole-person health and sustainable habits.

Kindness starts inside

Kindness has become a buzzword in our culture. The overuse of it has distracted us from one simple fact: Your ability to be kind to others depends on your ability to be kind to yourself. If we are going to spread kindness, it has to start inside.

Take the struggle out of self-kindness

Ready to strengthen your mindset for being Kind Inside?

The 2023 Exercising Well Mindset Retreat starts July 14. This year's theme is a whole-person approach to being Kind Inside.

What is a mindset retreat?

A mindset retreat is a time set aside to focus on a mindset. You take just a few minutes a day to learn about one aspect of a mindset. then you integrate that mindset into your daily life. This can be even more powerful than going away for a retreat. Rather than struggling with re-entry and integrating skills, you gradually integrate them each day.

What will I get out of the Kind Inside Mindset Retreat?

A 31-day online retreat that gives you a simple daily inspiration and focuses to strengthen your ability to be Kind Inside.

  • Week 1: Mentally Kind Inside

  • Week 2: Physically Kind Inside

  • Week 3: Emotionally Kind Inside

  • Week 4: Spiritually Kind Inside

You come away with a stronger internal ability to be kind to yourself, restoring well-being and strengthening self-motivation through the changing seasons and stressors of life.

Includes private messaging with Janet and the option to join a group chat.

When is the 2023 Kind Inside Mindset Retreat?

July 14 to Aug 15, 2023.

Registration closes on July 15. Participants get unlimited access to the retreat materials even after the retreat has ended.

Who can join the Kind Inside Mindset Retreat?

Anyone wanting to deepen their skills and mindsets for self-care and self-motivation.

  • Free for Exercising Well members at all levels

  • $25 for non-members

How to sign up for the retreat?

  • Create a member login

  • Choose to enroll as a

    • Non-member of Exercising Well for just $25 OR

    • Become a Foundations member for free access to this and much more!

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