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Slow Aging 🔄 Cure Chronic Stress

Updated: Jan 23

One of the hallmarks of ‘getting older is the vulnerability of your body to the typical ailments of aging. In this way aging contributes to chronic stress because of the mounting worry about our body. Chronic stress is known to speed up aging by shortening telomeres and increasing inflammation.

This downward spiral of aging and stress has a simple cure: mindful science-based exercise.

That starts by upgrading strength training to mindful science-based Real-life Strength

Aging Strong without Stress

Why does the strength training need an upgrade? It has great science behind its benefits for health and aging well, however, has its own stressors associated with it.

They come from messages that to do it right you:

  • will need lots of time to work each muscle group

  • need lots of equipment or to go to a gym

  • will feel sore, especially at the start

  • need someone to watch you to be sure you are doing it right

These are not only not true, but they also speed up aging because they make it stress-producing not stress-reducing, even if you are not doing it but know you should.

How do you do mindful, science-based Real-life Strength?


  • Paying attention to how your body feels with curiosity and kindness as you do real-life strength moves.

    • Your body restores the connection of your nerves to your muscle fibers (muscle memory) that have been in hibernation from dis-use over the years.

    • Your brain restores confidence by learning from your body that you are in fact strong.

    • You access your Inner Trainer, who knows how the movements feel as you do them is your best guide


  • Mindfully practicing strength moves without resistance first,

    • Ensures you are establishing movement patterns that hae the lease strain and the greatest strength.

    • Prevents muscle soreness and the inflammation that causes it, which helps habits form

    • This builds confidence from the start in your body and your ability to stay motivated

Real-life strength moves

  • Base your exercises on the six movements needed to function well in daily life.

    • This saves you time and uses very simple equipment (weights, exercise bands)

    • This gives your brain and body confidence you are less vulnerable as you move in daily life (even as you age)

    • This brings more meaning to each exercise so strength exercises are not boring, they are motivating.

Practicing these Real Life Strength Moves restores confidence in your body and reassures your brain that you are safe thus slowing aging.

Moving mindfully clears the ready -to move tension from the stress state, curing chronic stress.

All this in about an hour a week. Sounds like a pretty smart investment with some sweet instant and long-term returns.

Click here to start your free trial to Start Well where you learn to embody confidence, slow aging, cure chronic stress in a step-by-step six-week online program.

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