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How safely get up and down from lying down

get up and down well

The way you lie down and get up from lying down can either strain or strengthen your core. An often hidden cause of back pain is the misinformation about how to get up and down well.

Rather than lowering yourself straight down, round your spine using the movement science principles for moving well

3 steps to get up and down from lying down

  1. Shift into your natural alignment

  2. Dial-up core support from your pelvic floor through the middle of your body

  3. Hinge by rolling to your side and use your arms to lower yourself down and up from a lying down position

Do this when getting in and out of bed, or when getting up and down from the floor. Your back will thank you with less strain. Your core will be stronger because it is doing its job to support you as you move.

Check out this under-two-minute video to try this out for yourself!

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