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Exercising with Confidence: Tips to Ease Worries About Injury or Pain after an illness or injury

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Exercising with confidence after an injury or illness

If you worry about your 'bad' body part after an injury or 'feel older' after an illness, learn how to complete your recovery and move on with confidence

Three things happen with an injury or an illness

What happens when you have an injury or illness? Your whole-person adapts to take care of you

  • Your brain imprints a warning label on that part of your body. It's there to keep you safe, so you are aware to protect that area from re-injury.

  • Your body shifts how it uses energy. As you recover, more energy goes into healing and less energy is used to maintain the strength, stamina, and mobility for the activities you are not doing.

  • You feel emotions like frustration, fear, and others, because there is a 'threat' to your ability to do what you enjoy and connect with those you care about.

Your whole person is affected by an injury or an illness and a complete recovery is more than the clearance from your doctor. That’s just the first step.

A complete recovery from, pain, illness, and injury

A complete recovery from illness or injury happens when

  • Your brain does not call that part of your body "bad" or says you are "getting older".

  • Your body has restored the strength, stamina, and mobility to do what you need and want to do in life.

  • Your emotions are no longer centered on fear and frustration about that part of your body.

Even if you are left with some pain or the awareness you are at a higher risk for future injury or illness, a whole-person recovery is possible, but usually not provided.

The downstream effects of incomplete recovery from illness and injury are more illness and injury. I see it as I listen to the stories of patients in the medical clinics I've worked in over the past three decades. The most painful part is—it’s preventable!

But I get it! It's challenging to even think about starting to exercise when you have pain or are afraid of re-injury.

A whole-person Approach to Exercise for a Complete Recovery from Illness, Pain or Injury

Starting well gives your whole person a chance to heal.

By using a blend of movement, motivation, and 'you' science (mindfulness), the Start Well program is the whole person way to recover well. You gradually restore how you think about your body, move in your body, and use your body to restore your health and well-being.

Whether you are still experiencing pain or just plagued by worry about re-injury or returning illness, this step-by-step program meets you where you are and gives you the skills for moving on with confidence, with relief from the struggle with the barrier of pain.

You get professional guidance and support as I answer questions, celebrate your insights, and guide you to use the information in the way that works best for you. Plus, you can add individual coaching sessions for more personalized guidance any time you need it.

Memberships start at just $25/month!

Choose your membership level, get started with the journey to whole-person healing

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