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The Cure for Chronic Stress

Updated: Jan 23

A cure for chronic stress? Really?

If there is a cure, why is chronic stress still the cause of so many problems with our health and well-being?

Because most stress reduction techniques are incomplete. They put stress in remission rather than cure it. This leaves a low level of stress hanging out in our bodies, limiting our ability to thrive.

The great news is, the solution is just two steps.

In this episode of The Weekly Well we will practice this two-step cure for chronic stress.

Watch this video to learn more and enjoy a Be Well Now Meditation to practice the two steps of cure.

The highlights are listed below, but the video gives you the chance to practice curing chronic stress.

First, let's make sure we are clear about the difference between stress and stressors.

  • Stress is the physiologic state

    • the changes in your cells when there is a real or perceived threat

    • a sense of dis-ease

  • Stressors are the causes of that state.

    • Pressures at work, physical ailments, relationships and all the other triggers of that stress state

The opposite state is the physiologic state of being well.

  • an inner state of being where you thrive

  • when you are feeling calm, confident and connected enough

  • sense of ease in your whole person

Simply, stress is when your whole person is trying to get somewhere else.

Well is when you are trusting what is here now as your guide.

Stress cure
Stress Well cycle is the hinge point for health

These two states are meant to be a cycle.

Chronic stress is when you are stuck in a stress state.

We get stuck in a stress state when:

1. We treat the stressors without treating the physiologic state first.

2. We think the stressors are the problem and we miss the chance to be well even when life is stressful

3. We take a brain-based approach to stress reduction which makes us miss one critical element about stress. The body is ready to move

The two-step cure to chronic stress is to Feel it and Clear it.

Cure for Chronic Stress
Cure Chronic Stress

This uses the magical power of mindful, science-based movement.

Feel it: Rather than distracting from the signals from our body, mindful awareness brings your attention back to the present moment.

But the body is still in that ready-to-move state.

Clear it: moving to give your cells what they have prepared for in that stress state.

Unfortunately, the approaches to exercise portrayed in the media makes it stress-producing not stress reducing

Just moving more is not the cure. It can actually add to stress too.

The complete cure for chronic stress is moving well, based on the science of the way you are designed.

This week practice your two-step cure for chronic stress.

Feel it. Clear it.


The Exercising Well program takes the stress out of exercising and transforms it into a way to thrive now. Using a mindful, science-based method to eliminate the barriers of pain, stress, or low motivation. Exercising Well is the way to align with your whole person's design to thrive.

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