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Pain? Stress? Low Motivation? Strengthen your movement foundation

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

It's a no-brainer that a plant needs a healthy root system to survive and thrive. Weak roots cannot provide the support and nourishment the plant needs to withstand the strains of the changing elements.

Your body is the same way. Since your body brain and spirit are integrated for you to survive and thrive, how your body moves affects not only how your body feels and functions, but also your ability to manage stressors and be motivated.

Pain, stress, and low motivation are messages from your body, brain, and spirit that it does not have what it needs for you to feel and function your best right now.

When your movement foundation is strong, your whole person feels better right away when you move:

Pain is reduced because your body can move with greater strength and the least strain

Stress is reduced because moving can release, rather than increase, the ready-to-move tension that builds up from stressful events.

Motivation is naturally increased because your brain is hardwired to repeat what makes you feel better in your body now, and avoid what makes you feel worse now.

In the video below, I guide you through re-learning the Three Principles for Moving Well. Relearn because your body is hardwired to move in this way. You did it as an infant and toddler. Watch a baby learning to move their body and you will see the principles in action.

We need to re-learn them because these three steps are so foundational they are often overlooked in our most popular exercises and even when rehabilitating from an injury.

When moving feels straining and you are concerned about injury, these three principles are the place to go first to restore a sense of confidence that you can move well.

This is something you have to experience for yourself. Take ten minutes to strengthen your movement foundation and let me know what you discover.

When I teach patients and clients these three steps, a lightbulb goes off. I can see on their face that their whole person just remembered what it had forgotten. They walk away with greater confidence and hope that they can enjoy moving and exercising because they are building on a stronger movement foundation.

Message me and let me know what you discover as you re-strengthen your movement foundation.

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