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The three media messages that quietly create your barriers to exercising

media messages that create stress, pain and low motivation

 If you are planning on starting or restarting any type of exercise right now, I have a suggestion: first, take a Mindset Retreat.


Why might you need one? Well, this week, store displays and media messages change from fun-filled holiday treats to get healthy with fitness and health food ads and tips. It’s a bit of a jump!


Let's make sure you start well so you stay well and motivated all year long. In the last message, you harnessed your Well-skills from 2023.

The three main exercise barriers


The next step is to use that same open, curious, kind awareness to gather information about what typically gets in the way or what you are concerned will get in the way.


Is it stress?

  • Lack of time or structure

  • Overwhelm at not being able to keep up with a program

  • Weight gain limitations


Is it pain?

  • An old injury like back pain or knee pain

  • Chronic pain, e.g., from fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis

  • Feeling achy in the morning or after work and not wanting to move


Is it motivation?

  • Feeling ‘lazy’ and not wanting to start

  • Not knowing what to do and needing someone to tell you

  • Needing someone or something to make you do it—a trainer, partner, app


What else?


The three main messages about exercising that create barriers

These three main barriers to exercising are caused by the most common exercise messages.


  1. The ‘more is better’ message turns exercise into a source of stress, rather than a cure for it.

  2. The ‘no pain, no gain’ message turns exercise into a pro-inflammatory rather than an anti-inflammatory.

  3. The ‘make you do it’ message says you need to pay for motivation rather than trust yourself to stay motivated.


This month, let’s take a mindset retreat to protect from the messaging that takes the joy out of exercising.


I’ll share evidence-based information that counters these barrier-inducing messages. I will give you simple tips so you can enjoy what you want from exercising without stress, pain, or struggle with motivation.


Our January Mindset Retreat is a time to relax and restore while renewing your ability to be the CEO of your well-being.


Next, look forward to messaging that takes the stress out of exercising by replacing the ‘more is better’ message with reliable ways to know how much is enough to enjoy greater calm, energy, and whole-person health.


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