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Exercising Well Coaching

Eliminate the barriers of pain, stress, and low motivation and learn to enjoy exercising with Janet's unique method that blends her expertise in movement, motivation, and mindfulness science. 

Get professional support to exercise well

With this unique form of health coaching, you get the specific information and personalized guidance you need when limited by pain, stress, or low motivation.  


Exercising Well is unlike other exercise programs or services where you are continually paying someone to tell you what to do and keep you motivated. Here you learn what to do and how to be self-motivated, saving you time and money in the long run!

Certified Health Coach

Certified by Wellcoaches

As a certified health coach, I apply the science of motivation and positive psychology in a coaching conversation.   Whereas health care focuses on what is wrong with you, health coaching focuses on what is right with you! This refreshingly different conversation develops internal motivation and skills for lasting positive changes. 

There are many health coaches these days, but very few can also provide science-based exercise guidance for people with medical concerns. Clinical Exercise Coaching gives you the power of both in one. 

Therapy session
Yoga Class

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine

As a CEP, I am a unique health professional who understands the physiology of both exercise and health conditions.  This puts me in a position to guide you to use exercise as medicine to optimize any treatment for your health concerns


There are very few CEPs in the world, and most are not trained in motivational science-based coaching skills for building internal motivation. 

Mindful Movement Teacher

Certified by Aura Wellness

As a mindful movement teacher, I use mindfulness to add "you science" to our coaching conversations and in the online programs.  The result is greater confidence in listening to and learning from your body so exercise can restore wellbeing now and optimize your future health too.  

Enjoying Sunset
"A radically different approach to exercise"

Jan A.

Exercising Well
Coaching Memberships

Get the professional support you need to transform exercise and enjoy whole-person health with lasting motivation.  Choose the frequency of your coaching sessions.  Each package includes the Start Well and all online programs. 
You may change your membership at any time.


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One year Self-coaching$125.00
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Pay-it Forward Coupon Codes

Everyone deserves whole-person health every day of the year.


With the Exercising Well Pay-it Forward Policy, if membership is out of reach right now, use the pay-it-forward discount codes for 20-40% off any membership. 


No questions. No stress. No pressure.  

All I ask is you pay it forward in acts of kindness.


This works on the honor system.  Use the coupon codes below based on what brings the program into your affordable range for you.  Simply use the code when checking out and use the energy you get from Exercising Well to pay the kindness forward. 

20% off use code 20WELL

30% off use code 30WELL

40% off use code 40WELL

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