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Start Well. Stay Well.

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The foundation of whole person health is Whole-person exercise. This program meets you right where you are and takes you step by step through a carefully planned 42-day journey to restore the foundations of moving well in a way that allows you to rest well (manage stress) and nourish well (choose healthy foods). This program incorporates movement science, and motivation science, with "you science" or mindfulness. This whole-person approach to exercise allows you to learn how to use it as a flexible, user-friendly resource to feel and function well every day. This eliminates the barriers of pain, stress, and low motivation by turning them into guides to Be Well Now. Each step restores confidence you know how to move well and will stay motivated on your own, without needing someone to tell you what to do or make you do it. Establish your foundational habit of taking 5-30 minutes a day for whole-person exercise and watch other healthy habits fall into place with greater ease. Feel and function better as you restore mobility, strength, and stamina so you can get back to doing things you enjoy, without being held back by worry. This balanced, whole-person science-based approach to exercising, with professional guidance provides whole-person healing to move on with confidence.

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