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Start Well: Whole-person Stamina

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Stamina is the ability to move for an extended time without getting tired. Cardiovascular exercise, when done well, improves your body's ability to turn food, air and water into sustainable energy. Most of us know we should do cardiovascular exercise to prevent heart disease, manage weight, improve brain function and enjoy the many other health benefits it provides. However, when limited by pain, time or motivation, we can end up pushing through pain and counting down the minutes until it is done! This is especially true if “cardio” means high intensity and long duration for it to “count”. Even if you enjoy cardiovascular exercise, you may find you do less when you cant get outside, or put it off when life gets busy. In our use it to keep it body, consistency is key! When pain, weather, motivation or time get in the way, our body gradually forgets how to produce energy in a lasting way. Start Well: Whole-person Stamina is the solution to these struggles with cardiovascular exercise. Building on the skills from the Start Well Foundations program you learn to apply the movement, motivation, and mindfulness principles to cardiovascular exercise. Each day you learn something new so cardio is no longer a complicated core or seasonal activity. As you gradually broaden your whole-person skills to eliminate the barriers of pain, time, weather, energy, or motivation, cardiovascular exercise becomes a user-friendly resource for recharging your whole-person energy in as little as five minutes!

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