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Start Well: Foundations

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The Foundation of whole-person health is the ability to listen to and trust your body, brain, and spirit as your personalized guide to thriving. That is easier said than done. Most of our healthy habit tips suggest we 'just do it' and ignore what our body is telling us. This long list of "shoulds" for t being healthy blocks the connection to the information only you have inside about how to be well. Whole-person health is well-being. Beyond just doing what you should, well-being is when you are feeling and functioning your best, even when going through a stressful time or dealing with a medical issue. YES! You can be well now and it starts with having a strong foundation of embodied skills for whole-person health. These skills support you in doing the "big three", eating healthy, exercising regularly, and managing stress, in a way that is not only sustainable but most effective for you to be healthy AND Well. This seven-day program takes you step by step through embodying the six mindsets for whole-person health. The movements and and information you learn here will help you feel more comfortable in your body from day one, and give you the foundational muscle memory and mindsets to move well, motivate yourself well, and be well now.

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