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Start Well: All in one 6-week program

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Feel better in 15 minutes a day! Gain the mobility, strength, and stamina you need without pain, soreness, or fatigue. Bonus: learn how to be self-motivated! Sound too good to be true? The secret of Start Well™ is the integration of three sciences; movement, motivation, and "you science" (mindfulness). It cuts through all the myths and misinformation that make exercising time-consuming, exhausting, and painful. No soreness. No pressure, No stress. Simply feel better and function better in three simple steps Whether you choose self-coaching or pair this program with professional coaching telehealth sessions the program meets you right where you so you feel better from day one. The easy-to-use online program takes you step by step through a carefully planned three-phase journey to moving well and motivating well. You gradually eliminate the barriers of pain, stress, and motivation. You feel and function better in a way that ripples into your ability to eat healthy and manage stress. This whole-person approach to exercise allows you to learn how to use it as a flexible, user-friendly resource to feel and function well every day. When you finish the program you have the skills to be Exercising to Be Well Now in just 5-30 minutes a day. You are ready to move on to the Well-outs programs where you continue to use exericse as a way to feel and function better through the changing seasons and stressors of life.

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Start Well Package, $145.00/month

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