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Start Well: Mobility, Strength and Stamina Habits

  • 30Steps


Start Well™ transforms exercise from a "should" into a resource for whole-person self-care that supports all your health habits. This step-by-step program includes one daily video that lasts 5-15 minutes. Each session builds on the next and before you know it you have three habits for Exercising: 1. Mindful mobility moments to restore calm 2. Whole-life strength moves that restore confidence 3. Whole-person stamina that restores the connection to what brings you joy in life Throughout this 28-step program, you gradually develop the habit of taking 5-30 minutes a day to be Exercising Well. You learn how to adjust what you are doing to consistently enjoy the whole-person results without time, pain, motivation, or stress getting in the way. Instead, exercising becomes a way to feel and function your best through the ever-changing challenges, celebrations, and seasons of life. The secret of Start Well is the integration of three sciences; movement, motivation, and "you science" (mindfulness). It cuts through all the myths and misinformation that make exercising time-consuming, exhausting, and painful. No soreness. No pressure, No stress. Simply feel better and function better each day. Go at your own pace through each step, learning how to trust your body to know when you are ready to progress to the next step. Leave behind the "start hard" mentality that makes exercising regularly stressful and enjoy the Start Well approach where you feel better from day one.

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