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Kind Inside Yoga Videos

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Kind Inside Yoga is whole-person, science-based yoga.  It builds on your strong foundation of muscle memory and mindsets you grew at the start of Exercising Well so your yoga practice is a resource to Be Well Now.   Yoga is a level 3 mobility exercise. If you have not already built the muscle memory and mindset for level 1 and 2 mobility, go back to the "start here" section to do that before doing yoga.  Keep in mind, that mobility is just one-third of your whole-person exercise. While yoga has many benefits, it does not replace real-life strength and whole-person stamina.  Your yoga practice benefits from doing all three types of exercise in a balanced way each week.   The videos in this program start with a section that ensures you have strong muscle memory and mindsets for yoga to bring your 'well' out each time. Then the yoga videos are separated by duration and by theme so you can choose a practice that meets you where you are today. Enjoy Kind Inside Yoga!

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