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Be Well Now 
Health Coaching

The whole-person approach to health coaching

Why Be Well Now Coaching?

Coaching is a celebration of someone's strengths. Rather than focusing on what is wrong,  which can drain your motivation, coaching is a science-based conversation designed to bring out your best self.  Focusing on what is right with you allows you to strengthen your ability to be the CEO of your own well-being.  


The power of coaching is in the conversation because of the way we use

  • Mindful listening, 

  • Appreciative reflections

  • Powerful open-ended questions


With Be Well Now Health Coaching you get three experts in one for a whole-person approach to exercising to be well now and in the future. 

Enjoying Sunset


As a Wellcoaches certified health coach, I provide the skills to be your own coach.  Whether you choose self-coaching or telehealth sessions, you learn how to be your best supporter.

Woman with Paddle


As a clinical exercise physiologist (CEP), I can provide the experise you are not likely to find in an online search or in a gym.  As a clinical professional and movement scientist I guide you to using exercise as medicine

Walking the Dog


As a mindfulness teacher, and blending it with movement and motivaiton science as my specialty you learn to use mindfulness to get the most from exercising and be more self-motivated.

Poppy Field

Lead Your Well-being

Coaching is a science-based conversation designed to allow you to hear yourself, and use your internal wisdom and strengths to be well.  You harness your ability to feel and function your best, even through the stressors and strains of life.


Be Well Now Coaching builds your skills for being self-guided and self-motivated. Enjoy the freedom that comes from knowing what to do and the confidence you will keep doing it.

Ready to Be Well Now? Start with a free session and experience the difference for yourself.  

What is self-coaching

In Exercising Well, you have the choice between professional coaching or self-coaching membership. In both options, you develop the skill of self-coaching by practicing

  • Mindful awareness

  • Appreciative open curiosity 

  • Reflective journaling 


These skills are a key part of Whole Person Health.  You develop them through a form of well-being journaling that I call Thrive Tracking.  


I encourage you to find your way to track what you did and how your body felt. This is a simple yet powerful way to listen to and learn from your body.  Traditional tracking is a brain-based model where you focus on the externally measured accomplishments. With this surface-level awareness, you miss out on the deeper level of awareness that influences your choices and habits.  


Your body houses your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.   The more you can listen to your body as if it could talk, the greater your ability to learn from each part of you to lead your well-being each day. This brain-body-spirit onnection is known to powerfully shape behaviors and habits


In each step, you will find a survey type “quiz”. This is not to evaluate anything but to give you a moment to pause and check in on what you are noticing. You can fill it out right in the program and look back to review, or you can use them as prompts to capture it in your own thrive tracking.  Either way, they are there to remind you to use a whole-person approach to listening, learning, and shaping your Well-habits.  


In professional coaching, you have the chance to deepen this process through the coaching skills I am trained to use to bring out your best self.  The purpose is for you to develop the skills to do this for yourself.  


Enjoy getting to know yourself in a way that elevates your strengths and skills and empowers you to lead your own well-being every day. 

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