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Enjoying Sunset

Whole-person Exercise for

Pain Relief

Chronic pain

Worry about injury

Achiness of aging

Healing Starts Here

Whether you are currently experiencing pain, worry about injury, or have growing concerns about getting older, pain affects your whole person.


While there are many approaches to pain relief, few treat the whole person. That can leave you with a body that is weaker and chronic worry about your future.


 This unique coaching and online program meets you where you are and takes you step by step through healing your body and your worries. You gradually restore whole-person confidence you can get back to enjoying life.  

Whether you have never exercised or are currently exercising, if you worry about pain and injury, this program is for you! 

What you get with the program

When you join, you get instant access to science-based information in the easy-to-use step-by-step online program. Choose self-coaching and get support in the group chat and private messaging with me, or choose the professional coaching level for personalized support on a regular basis.


As a member, you also get unlimited access to other resources for whole-person exercising including The Daily Well messages, videos, audio, and resources for a whole-person approach to exercising. 

With a seven-day free trial and no long-term commitment, you have nothing to lose except your worry about pain. 


Online Program

Stress-free online learning, even for the not-so-tech-savvy. Each step is one video. All you have to do is click and go. With daily prompts in the online chat, you get support for your daily habit.  Go at your own pace and go back and review any steps you want to repeat. You keep the program as a resource and guide. 


Whole-person Professional Guidance

Having direct access to a clinical exercise physiologist, health coach, and mindfulness instructor is a rare find! With the group chat, you can post questions and share challenges. I share daily tips and inspirations.  Plus you can message me any time so you never have to wonder if you are doing it right.  This is a game changer when it comes to exercising safely.


Flexible Time-effective Templates

In just 10-20 minutes a day, you gradually build skills and habits effortlessly. With easy-to-use templates and levels, you get the embodied knowledge for doing exercises correctly and the know-how to adapt when pain flares, energy is low, or time is limited. You come away with skills to progress at the pace the promotes whole-person healing. 

Blue Waters Kayak
"I am no longer limited by pain. I kayaked with my family for the first time in thirty years!


Experience Whole-person Healing

Whole-person exercising blends movement, motivation, and mindfulness or "you" science to restore the confidence you can move with less pain. By learning how to use pain as a guide, rather than a barrier, your whole person can work together as designed to thrive. 

Man Looking Out to the Mountains


When you experience or worry about pain, your brain starts to hyper-protect that area of your body. It tends to send more pain signals than needed for the actual injury.  

This program is founded in motivation and brain science to give you the effective skills for changing mindsets and building self-motivation. You learn how to meet yourself where you are and develop the whole-person exercise habits that will restore your healthy brain-body connection

Fun at the Beach


Loss of strength, stamina, and mobility is a side effect of every illness and injury. It does not have to be!  Your body still has the equipment to restore these essential functions. Guided by movement sciences, you learn how to move your body well and adapt for pain and fatigue. Instead of pushing through, you learn how to exercise in a pain-free/pain-reducing range in a way that gives you energy now. You get to feel better from day one while restoring confidence in your body.  

start yoga well.png


When pain limits your ability to do what you enjoy with the people you care about, your connection to your spirit, the part of you that makes you who you are, becomes limited.  Depression and anxiety are connected to pain and injury for this reason.  

This program seamlessly blends mindfulness skills, giving you access to what only you know inside your whole person. Exercise becomes a time to reconnect and restore calm and joy. 

Forest Trees
Enjoying Sunset

Treat the root cause of the pain barrier

While no program can promise the elimination of pain, Exercising Well provides you with the tools for reducing inflammation caused by too little or too much movement and the stress of worrying about injury.


As you improve strength and function, you find yourself worrying less about your body and future. That is whole-person healing. 


With the seven-day free trial, you have nothing to lose except the barrier of worrying about pain. 

Woman at the lake
"The pain is gone and I know what to do if it comes back! Thank you!"


Three Membership Options

Choose based on the level of coaching you need to start well so you stay well. With each level, you get the Be Well Now Coaching Method, a science-based way to confidently build whole-person skills to be healthy, well, and motivated.


Monthly coaching

Weekly coaching

This is the most affordable option. You will learn how to coach yourself through skill-building and self-assessments throughout the program. You still get professional expertise and support through group chat and private messaging

Telehealth coaching sessions amplify the learning and skill-building for self-coaching skills. This is ideal for anyone who needs a bit more personalized guidance and expertise.   

Ideal for someone who is very unsure about their ability to exercise and stay motivated. Deepen your learning with weekly challenges and start off with internal confidence you know how to move well and motivate well.

Bridge over River
Janet imparts the reasoning behind the strategy and  method of exercise to ensure you improve your body  and brain simultaneously. Knowing why it works and why gimmicks and latest “fad” exercises might not work, contributes to a healthy motivation and habit formation.


Not sure you can do this?

Schedule a free call with me to ensure this program is right for you, right now.

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