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The Exercising Well Difference

The common approach to motivation through accountability has a major flaw.  It is the opposite of what motivation science says works long term. In fact, having external support deteriorates, rather than builds, sustainable motivation.  

Exercising Well is designed for you to build skills for sustainability in both the way you move and the way you motivate.   Your investment in an Exercising Well membership has an ROI that you won't get from high-accountability programs. 


However, if the program is out of reach for you right now, check out the options listed below. 

Pay What You Can Pricing Options

This works on the honor system.  Use the coupon codes below based on what brings the program into your affordable range for you.  No questions asked, simply use the code when checking out and get ready to start enjoying the return on your investment!  

Choose what you pay for any online program or membership level

20% off use code 20WELL

30% off use code 30WELL

40% off use code 40WELL

Other ways to reduce the cost

  • Check with your health insurance provider to see if you have a fitness or weight loss benefit.  This program may qualify 

  • Use your healthcare spending account dollars 

  • Show the program to your employer to see if they would support you in doing this evidence-based program.


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Poppy Field

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