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The Love bracelet is a simple pink gemstone beaded bracelet that represents the power of love.  The image on the card is a simple heart cloud.  Giving this bracelet is a simple statement of how much you care not only for the person receiving it but also for kids who will benefit from playing diamond sports through the WooSox Foundation.  

Love Bracelet

  • Use a string to help determine the size right for you.  Sizes listed are diameter of bracelet, not wrist size. Wrap the string around your wrist with the amount you want the bracelet to ‘dangle’ and choose the size closest to that length using the list below.

    • X-Small = 7in. (Would fit snug for a small adult wrist)
    • Small = 7.25 in. (Dangles nicely for a small wrist)
    • Medium = 7.5 in. (Standard size woman’s wrist)
    • Large = 8 in
    • X-Large – 8.5 in.
  • Shipping is FREE in the United States. Currently we are unable to ship outside the US. 

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