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A year older, and stronger! 

What if this time next year you had the mobility strength and stamina and felt calmer, more confident you were aging well, and a greater connection what brings you joy? 

One year makes a big difference when you Start Well! 

The clients who have done their best and moved on with confidence are the ones who start with a month of weekly coaching sessions. This ensures they get the foundational skills needed to build exercise habits that last.  

However, this has a larger upfront cost that many people cannot afford.  

With the Start Well membership, you get one year of coaching for just $97/month.  You get the most support when you need it most, right at the start.  Then you gradually reduce the frequency of coaching sessions over the year.  The result? 

Whole-person confidence you are growing stronger physically and will keep yourself motivated.  

(Yes! This is designed so you don't need me to tell you what to do and keep you motivated! 

Where else do you get that money-saving return on your investment?  


1st month
Start Well with a strong foundation

  • Weekly remote coaching sessions for the first month

  • Gradually gain more mobility strength and stamina

  • Personalized guidance with adjusting exercises for your body

  • Strengthen habits with weekly sessions that break down barriers and guide you toward your goals 


Month 2-4
Gain confidence in your exercising well and self coaching skills 

  • Coaching sessions once a month for the next three months

  • Direct messaging with Janet

  • Start Well program with self -coaching prompts

  • Gain self-coaching and Inner Trainer skills so you are ready for the next phase


Months 5-12
Get support through seasons and stressors 

  • Three more coaching sessions to use as needed over the next eight months

  • Learn how to adjust your exercising habits for the changing seasons

  • Get support through stressful times so exercise keeps you well and your habits stay strong. 

What you get from the Start Well™ Program

Gain confidence in the three skills for feeling and functioning better in your whole person.

Stay motivated even through the changing seasons and stressors of life.   

Mobility + Calm

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Mindful Mobility

Move through daily life with greater calm and ease

  • Learn how to stretch without pain and strain

  • Reduce fear of injury from a fall

  • Reduce inflammation and stiffness 

  • Gain mindfulness skills

Whole-life Strength™

Restore confidence in your body and mind

  • Strength exercises you can do your whole life because they are based on movements of daily life, (not athletics, bodybuilding, or the fitness culture)

  • Enjoy greater strength without soreness (ever!) 

  • Reduce arthritis pain and injury risk

  • Gain confidence in your bones, muscles, and metabolism

Strength + Confidence

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Playing Soccer_edited.png

Stamina + Connection

Energizing Stamina

Recharge your energy with cardiovascular exericse for your whole-person

  • Enjoy greater stamina for more lasting energy

  • Learn how to do cardio without wasting time or pushing through pain 

  • Gain confidence in your health and disease prevention 

  • Have more energy to stay do the things you love with the people you love

Professional Guidance

With Start Well you get a triple-trained clinical professional with over thirty years of experience guiding you each step of the way. As a clinical exercise physiologist, certified health coach, and mindful movement teacher you know you are getting the right information that is right for you!  

Ready to Feel and Function Better?

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