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Start Well: Whole-life Strength

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Strength is the ability to move against gravity. Strength training, when done well, slows aging, improves metabolism and raises confidence you can do what you love with those you love. Most of us know we should do strength exercises. We know the loss of independence with age is directly connected to the loss of muscle function. Not to mention how it slows metabolism so weight comes on easier. We end up feeling weaker, older, and more vulnerable to injury. But starting strength exercises means soreness. You are told it's normal, but there is never a good time to be sore, so you put it off. Plus, strength exercises are so complicated! You worry about it aggravating old injuries or causing new ones! You may lift some light weights while watching TV but this is not enough to prevent the loss of strength that happens with aging. Start Well: Whole-life Strength takes you step by step to build strength on skills from the Start Well Foundations program. Gradually over four weeks, you grow your habit of doing strength exercises 2-3 times a week in a way that boosts confidence in every part of your life. The blending of movement and exercise science with motivation science and mindfulness or “you science” means you feel better from day one! You gain the confidence you know how to do strength exercises the right way for your body right now, without pain, soreness or strain. With three levels to choose from, options to do each exercise sitting or standing, with either weights or exercise bands, Whole-life Strength is the simply sustainable way to stay strong. You learn how to use the levels and options to adjust when limited by pain or time. The exercises are based on the six movements of daily life so each exercise has a purpose, making them internally motivating. Whole-life Strength becomes a user-friendly resource to feel whole-person confidence, through the changing seasons, stressors, and celebrations of life so you can do what you love for longer.

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