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Start Well: Mindful Mobility

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Mobility is freedom of movement. Stretching and balance exercises improve your body's ability to move with less stiffness and fear of falling while reducing inflammation. Most of us know we should do stretching and balance exercises. However, when we dont do them every day, our body ‘forgets’ how to be free to move. We end up feeling stiff and unsteady on our feet as we age. We hear being sedentary is a health risk. It's been called “sitting disease because the pro-inflammatory state it causes sets the stage for most of our chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Just taking more steps does not cure the problem, because it does not treat the root cause of inflammation which is being still and in a stressed state. However, just moving more does not clear the stress state. If you are limited by time, stiffness, or pain, trying to move more can add to stress! While mindfulness helps to reduce stress, it is only half the solution. Your body is still ready to move in the stress state. Mindful Mobility is the complete cure for both sitting disease and chronic stress. Mindfulness shifts your attention back to the present moment to start to calm your busy brain. Stretching and balance exercises, done the right way for your body right now, clear inflammation and stiffness. Start Well: Mindful Mobility takes you step by step to build on skills from the Start Well Foundations program. Gradually over 14 days, you grow your habit of using daily Mindful Mobility Moments to clear the stress state, slow aging, and enjoy greater freedom to move in your body and calm in your whole person. The stretching and balance exercises have three different levels so you can meet yourself where you are to find the pain-free/reducing level and a choice of doing them standing, sitting in a chair, or lying in bed or on the ground. Mindful Mobility Moments become a user-friendly resource to clear stress and stiffness and restore calm anywhere, any time.

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