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Start Well. Stay Well

Personalized is cost-effective and sustainable


Exercising Well is customized to be cost-effective and time efficient.
Choose which describes you best then click the link to start your free trial.
In our free initial coaching call, we will create your plan to Start Well so you Stay Well. 

Which describes you best?

Click below to start your free trial

I am limited by pain, stress or motivation. I want confidence I can exercise the right way so I don't make things worse.
I am fairly self-motivated but I am bit unsure about my ability to exercise safely, and keep myself motivated.
I am self motivated and already exercise but want to get the whole-person health benefits of this approach.
"A radically different approach to exercise"

Jan A.

Steps to Thriving as Designed

stress free steps (2).png

Step 3: Stay Well supports your well-habits with continued Be Well Now coaching and a growing library of videos and audio for stretching, balance, yoga, strength, and cardiovascular exercise that allow you to thrive through changes in the seasons, your body, and your life.

Step 2: Start Well grows strong Well-habits for doing mobility strength and stamina exercises in a way that shifts your cells from stress to well.  This step-by-step program and regular coaching transform exercise from a task to a personalized resource for thriving every day.

Step 1:  Foundations.  In your free trial, you restore the roots of your design to thrive. This seven-day step-by-step program and Be Well Now Coaching session re-establishes your roots for moving well and motivating well.  

Exercising Well takes you step by step through restoring your design to thrive.  Whether you are limited by pain, stress, or low motivation the coaching method and online program meets you where you are so you feel better from day one. 

Three healthy habits in one

Eating healthy, reducing stress, and exercising regularly are The Big Three for your health. Doing all of these consistently is stressful, if not impossible when they are viewed as separate habits.   Exercising Well re-connects them as they are designed, so they work together, taking the stress out of healthy habits.  


Eat healthy

When exercise balances brain chemistry, it makes your whole person feel better now and you are less likely to look to food for comforting emotions.  


Manage stress

Stress is your body ready to move. Exercising well uses mindful movement moments to completely clear the stress state for more effective releaxation.


Exercise regularly

The blending of motivation science with movement science makes exercise a sustainable habit that reinforces all your self-motivation skills and habits. 

Not sure if Exercising Well is for you?

Book a free call with me. 

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