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Phase 2: Well-Habits

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Strengthen your confidence in your design to thrive. This step-by-step six-week program takes you through re-establishing the way to move and motivate the way you are designed. Even if you are limited by pain, fatigue stress or low motivation you restore your ability to thrive. You experience exercising in a whole new way by meeting yourself where you are and being guided by movement science, motivation science, and most importantly "you science" through mindfulness. Gradually, exercise is transformed into a resource for living well and being well. Be Well Now Coaching sessions let you personalize the information in the step-by-step program. The science of coaching is designed to build self-motivation skills. Rather than needing someone to be accountable to, to make you do it, through coaching you tap into your innate drive to thrive, so you are naturally self-motivated. Each week has seven sessions that are about 10 minutes long. They are designed for you to build the habit of taking time to move for self-care each day. You have three months to complete the 42 sessions, supporting your ability to listen to your body and let it set the pace that it thrives now. Week 1: Mindful Mobility to Restore Calm Week 2: Real-life Strength to Restore Confidence Week 3: Sustainable Stamina to Restore Connection

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